Hop Oil Type Noble

An almost colorless, clear liquid containing the essential hop oils required for achieving ‘noble’ hop character


Hop Oil - Type Noble is produced from leaf hops and contains the complete range of essential oils. However the more volatile, non-polar fraction is significantly reduced by a careful, further processing.

Hop Oil - Type Noble has especially been developed for addition prior to filtration. Hop oil recovery is considerably improved compared to normal hopping techniques.

Hop Oil - Type Noble provides a typical, pleasant flowery aroma in beer due to its special composition of aroma substances.


With reduced levels of the undesirable, volatile hydrocarbon fraction, Hop Oil - Type Noble produces a more subtle and pleasant hop aroma.

Furthermore Hop Oil - Type Noble has a little influence on beer bitterness. It is therefore very suitable for addition to light stable beers in order to enhance the typical hop character.

Quick Specs

Key Compounds
Linalool: 1000 ppm (± 50ppm)
Specific Ratios
Linalool/myrcene > 0.5
Linalool/caryophyllene > 4
Linalool/humulene > 1
Linalool/farnesene > 10
approx. 46 mPas at 25˚C (77˚F)
approx. 1.0g/ml at 20˚C (68˚ F)
Pure hop oils diluted in propylene glycol, resulting in a product diluted to 1:100

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