Vicant SBX

Protection against the oxidative deterioration of beer


VICANT SBX is a new generation of highly effective, multi-component beeranti-oxidant designed to give maximum protection against the oxidativedeterioration of beer in package. It is a beige powder which is soluble in water.


Recent research has highlighted the importance of controlling oxidation during the initial stages of the brewing process as these reactions can result in oxidative deterioration in final packaged beer. An understanding of the biochemical reactions involved in the formation of the precursors of molecules involved in the oxidative deterioration (flavor, haze, color) of beer has allowed Lallemand Brewing scientists to formulate a new product that specifically targets the biochemical reactions that result in the production of these harmful precursors.

VICANT SBX acts by:

  • Inhibiting LOX activity, minimizing the production of staling aldehydes
  • Chelating metal ions (Fe/Cu) which catalyze the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) so reducing non-enzymatic autoxidation of unsaturated fatty acids
  • Binding with thiol (-SH) proteins
  • Preventing Maillard reactions in wort and in final beer to eliminate color change

Quick Facts

Improved organoleptic stability
Protection against color development/browning
Improved wort filtration
Protection against haze formation
Treatment Rates
5-10g/hl of wort (or 225-500g/tonne of grist
Add directly to mash vessel as soon as water and grist are mixed

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