Type 45 Pellets

Cylindrical pellets produced from dried, milled and pressed leaf hops


Type 45 Pellets are a hop product added to the wort kettle during the boiling process. These pellets contribute to the desired bitterness as well as to the characteristic hop aroma of beer.

Type 45 Pellets are also perfectly suited for use on the cold side (dry hopping) of the brewing process. They impart a pronounced hop aroma to beer.

Bitter acids and essential oils are enriched in Type 45 Pellets by removing some of the non-essential plant material during processing. Aside from lower transportation and storage costs, beer losses can also be reduced.



Olive Green
Alpha Acids
2 – 15 %
Beta Acids
2 – 14 %
Hop Oil
0.5 – 7.0 ml/100g
Moisture Content
7 – 9%

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